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Make up to 25% per month by investing in cryptocurrencies
Ethtrade gives an opportunity to get a stable
income without getting involved in trading.
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What is Ethtrade?
Ethtrade is a team of professional financial managers, market traders and experienced developers who have got together to participate in exchange processes, to attract and manage investment assets as well as work on the popularization of Ethereum. You can read more about Ethtrade here.
Asset management
Get up to 25% per month in passive mode by investing funds, as well as develop your skills as an Ethereum trader!
Low entry threshold: from $10. You do not need the knowledge of trading and cryptocurrencies. We will do everything for you.
Maximum transparency
The company provides weekly reports on all transactions with Ethereum, as well as trade forecasts for the future.
Affiliate program
Develop your own team to generate income without investment. Thanks to multilevel bonus system. Double affiliate program.
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How do you make a 25% per month?
Our traders are trading on cryptocurrency exchanges,such as ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, DASH/BTC, FCT/BTC and many other altcoin pairs and always make profit. We offer increasing of your initial investment through asset management service through Ethtrade platform. Such results are available right after signing up.
Regardless of the course
Our professional traders use diversified and only proven trading strategies that allow to make a profit regardless of the economic situation in the cryptocurrency markets.
Profit in any case
We trade when market course increases and decreases. Your assets are protected and in the hands of the business professionals.
Cryptocurrency market is considered as one of the most high-income markets. The development comes exponentially and this can't be stopped. Don't miss your chance and start to build your future today!
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Get FREE instructions on “How to choose Altcoins?"
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Trading and reports
We will do everything for you. You get weekly reporting of traders.
You will receive your profit with the ability to withdraw using multitude of payment systems.
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