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Personal landing 3.0

Free Lottery. Come & win $20 on webinar
The upcoming webinars: Saturday 3. 12 9:00 AM (GMT-3) Brazil Time Speaker: Jardson Santos (BR) Language: Portuguese

Previous webinar: Last webinar speaker from Vietnam Tiep Nguyen Van (VN)
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Personal landing 3.0

Personal landing 3.0
Many users of Ethtrade platform became our partners a long ago and now successfully earn through convenient tools. In addition to direct affiliate link and promotional materials, we offer 2 types of landing - personal pages, translated into many languages and associated with your account. Since the launch of this functional, we received a lot of requests about the adaptation of these pages to work on mobile devices. Now this possibility appeared - landing pages are correctly displayed on tablets and smartphones!
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Meet Ethtrade Telegram bot!

Meet Ethtrade Telegram bot!
Today we are pleased to present a new channel of communication with Ethtrade clients - this time we are talking about Telegram, online messenger which is gaining popularity around the world at a frantic pace. To date, the company already supports customers and partners through Ethtrade, but for more convenience we have also launched EthtradeBot which will keep you informed of all events that occur on Ethtrade.org.
It's quite easy to connect EthtradeBot: go to "Notifications" section in account settings and click red button "Verify Telegram». Once you did this, Telegram messenger is being run and you only have to enter your username in ETH000000 format.
EthtradeBot can inform you about latest news, weekly trading reports and new lessons in the trading knowledge section as well as notify you of all transactions in your account, and so on. The list of features will further grow.
Today Bot is able to communicate in only English, however soon we will add there other popular languages of our platform.
Stay with us and get the latest news via EthtradeBot!
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Seminar Ethtrade Malaysia

Seminar Ethtrade Malaysia
Seminar Ethtrade pertama kali di Malaysia disember ini. JOM!

" Grand Preview 1st Malaysia "


Date : 3rd dec 2016
Time 8 pm - 10 pm
Venue : The Mark's Lodge Hotel ( Main Coffrence room)
Masuk percuma / admission free
ADDRESS: Place: Sandakan, miles 4 , Sabah, Malaysia

Team list to contact :
Azizul Nasry 0103213079
Rosdi U 01129831689
Welcome to Join!
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Crypto conference Viet Nam !

Crypto conference at Viet Nam !
Crypto conference at Viet Nam !

In program:
Crypto as a new reality, New technology education, Making profit with Crypto currency, Trading basic knowledge, Meeting top Leaders of Ethtrade and much more…

DATE: 26.11.2016
TIME: 8:30 AM

ADDRESS: Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street,Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau province, Viet Nam

North of Viet Nam : with Mr Tuan Anh, number phone: 0917222398
South of Viet Nam: Mr Long, number phone:0979525456
Middle of Viet Nam contact Mr Toan: 0964508777
Mr Duong: 0977433499
Mrs Ngan: 0917530997
Mr Hiep:0888812912

Welcome to Join!
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Ethtrade website speaks in French!

Ethtrade website speaks in French!
One of the first languages, translation of which is claimed by users, was French. A year since our productive activity, we finally have c ame to the market of French-speaking users. More than 64 million speakers in dozens of countries can obtain information about the company and its benefits in full in their native language.
Besides, because of your numerous requests, we have added French-language support on the website: now you can contact our operators in live chat in your native language as well as send us requests via ticket system in your account, email or Telegram - use any convenient communication channel.
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Opening a club in Russia

Opening a club in Russia
Dear members of Ethtrade platform!
We had the opening of Ethtrade club in Magadan city, Russia.
There were many members and representatives
Club coordinators invites everyone to the conferences and consultations.
Visit us and bring your parnters, we have presentations on weekly basis.
The address is 14 Derjinskiy str., office N1.
To know more about office, check out photo and video report



If you have Metropolis status and want to have meetings or conferences or to open a club in your city, write to our support center and we will go through your application, as well as will connect you with others from your region!

Best regards!
Join the future with us!
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Polish version of Ethtrade.org is already online!

Polish version of Ethtrade.org
We congratulate all of the carriers of the Polish language - starting today, a new version is available on our website. We thank all the people who have asked us to make the platform translated into Polish, and at the same time actively helped us with the translation! We continue the process of adapting the website to make it more user-friendly and efficient. Please send your requests for translation, suggestions and offer of assistance!
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Ethtrade charity event at Philippines!

Ethtrade charity event at Philippines!
Dear members! We have a great news!

November 5, 2016 a great Charity event took place in Philippines, Bacoor Coliseum.
Over 50 indigent families were given food, rice, grocery items and of course school supplies for their children.
All of this done with the help of Municipality of Bacoor and active leaders of Ethtrade team from Philippines.
Crypto unites! Crypto helps people to live a better quality life!

Photos from charity event

More Charities are on the way to go… Follow us! Follow Ethtrade!
Ethtrade team thanks you for your assistance and recalls that good deeds always come back!
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Personal landing pages 2.0

Personal landing pages 2.0
Welcome all Ethtrade customers!
Recently, we've added a new tool for attracting partners - Personal Landing Pages, - which, judging by the statistics, many of you are actively using. Today we are pleased to introduce you an enhanced version of this functionality. Also now all personalized pages are multilingual. With Landing 2.0 your work to promote Ethtrade platform, as well as communication with your partners will become much more productive!
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Крупная Bitcoin конференция в России "Digital October" совместно с Ethtrade

Bitcoin конференция в Москве
Big Bitcoin conference in Russia "Digital October" with Ethtrade (10.11.2016 Moscow)

We do not expect when blokchain become as commonplace as the Internet and smart phones. We invite Blockchain-enthusiasts from business and government, which is already aware of the benefits of new technology.
Conference Program

Moscow, Bersenevskaya naberejnaya 6, b. 3
Reprincev Alexanrd (tel:+79068156888)

Everybody are welcome to join!


Крупная Bitcoin конференция в России "Digital October" совместно с Ethtrade (10.11.2016 Москва)

Мы не ждём, когда блокчейн станет такой же обыденностью, как интернет и смартфоны. Мы собираем Blockchain-энтузиастов от бизнеса и власти, которые уже сегодня знают о преимуществах новой технологии.
Подробнее о конференции

Москва, Берсеневская набережная, 6, стр. 3
Репринцев Александр (тел:+79068156888)

Приглашаются все желающие!

Tell friends:

Viet Nam Leaders meeting this Sunday

Ethtrade conference in Viet Nam
Ethtrade conference in Viet Nam.

Everybody is welcome to Join!

6th of November, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM

Address: 179_Phan Ngoc Hien Street_Ward 6_Ca Mau City_Ca Mau Province_Viet Nam.

Mr Ban:

Mrs Ngan:
phone: 0917530997

Mr Duong:

Tell friends:

Report from International event in China

Report from event in China
International Ethtrade partners and management meeting in Chinese club took place last week.
There were many partners and representative Hui King visit as well.
Club coordinators invites everyone to the conferences and consultations.
To know more about meeting, check out photo and video report



Address: Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, Baoan District China, Liu Xian Xin Dong two road business center five building 511 room
wechat: guoyunqing6666
phone: +8613825225585

Hui King

Best regards!
Join the future with us!
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New promotion for traders "TOPTRADERS" with a prize fund of $6,000

New promotion "TOPTRADERS"
New promotion for traders "TOPTRADERS" with a prize fund of $6,000.

Ethtrade team holds a competition for the best traders!
Winners of the promotion will join the team of top Ethtrade Ltd traders and receive a cash reward!

Get the most revenue for 1 month, in %.

- Registered account on poloniex exchange.
- Own deposit of 0.2 BTC in the account.
- At least 4 transactions per day. Allowed to have 2 days off per week.
- Export of statistics once a week on Sunday. CSV + screenshots. The organizers of promotion (@toptrades) may request additional information as a confirmation of trader's activity.

- We will consider the first 30 applications from participants.
- The first day of trading - 08.11.2016
- The last day of trading - 08.12.2016
- Wrap-up of the competition - 10.12.2016

Submission form:
- Name
- Ethtrade login
- Email
- Phone number
- Screenshot of balances on poloniex.com exchange
- Export .csv file from section tradeHistory.

* Application for the competition should be sent to @toptrades in Telegram.

1st place: $1,000 + Ethtrade trading account with a balance of 3 BTC + t-shirt;
2nd place: $750 + Ethtrade trading account with a balance of 1.5 BTC + t-shirt;
3rd place: $500 + Ethtrade trading account with a balance of 1 BTC + t-shirt;
4th place: $200 to Ethtrade balance + t-shirt;
5th place: $100 to Ethtrade balance + t-shirt;

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Email: support@ethtrade.org
Telegram: @toptrades
Facebook group

We wish GOOD LUCK!

With respect to you, Ethtrade.org team.
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Добавлена группа VK.com

Добавлена группа VK.com
Добавлена группа VK и школа для русских пользователей.

Вебинары, обучения, промоушены и просто общение!
Вступайте и будьте частью сообщества!
Будьте первыми и выигрывайте замечательные призы!

Вступить в группу Вконтакте


VK group has been added and a school for Russian users.

Join and become a part of the community!
There will be a promotion in the group soon.
Be the first and win awesome prizes!

Join the VK group
Tell friends:

Ethtrade events. Join us.

Report from event at Philippines
There was a conference in Philippines on 5th of October.

Check out the photo and video report from the event
If you want to organize meetings and conduct conferences, please, contact the technical department and we will check your request and connect with others from the same region, willing to do the same!


Good luck and great profit!
Join the future with us!
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Join Ethtrade charity program!

Join Ethtrade charity program!
Welcome to all Ethtrade company customers and partners!

As any company on the path of its development, we have reached a certain level where we can afford to help people in need in the framework of charity programs. As you know, in due time, the blockchain technology was created on the basis of anonymous cryptocurrency use without additional costs and red tape. It has revolutionized the world of finance, significantly simplified money wire and in general changed the whole world for the better, opening unlimited opportunities for people. Our platform follows the same principles and strives to give a chance for everyone who needs it to reach a new level of prosperity: for some people - to solve financial problems, for others - to give a powerful impetus to personal development and personal business construction. That is what motivates us to engage in charity activities and especially to help socially disadvantaged people with basics on how to survive in this world. And each of our clients can be a part of this program and support its work.

Implementation of Ethtrade charity program is carried out jointly with the International Bitgive Fund, which since 2013 has been developing projects to support socially vulnerable segments of the population with the use of Bitcoin and Blockchain innovative technologies. This Fund is a proven and reliable channel of assistance and guarantees the use of funds collected for specific tasks. You can read more about the Fund’s projects here.

Ethtrade company is a kind of like-minded community, so we are sure that you share our vision and want to support our initiative. In the future, through the work of the Bitgive Fund we intend to carry out international charity events to support people in need: disabled children, physically handicapped people, orphans and elderly people. We are confident that together we can make this world a better place, and improve living conditions for many people. Today, if you have the opportunity and desire to join Ethtrade charity program, just go to the Bitgive official website and assist by donating any amount of Bitcoin.
Ethtrade team thanks you for your assistance and recalls that good deeds always come back!
Tell friends:

International Ethtrade meeting in China

International meeting in China
International Ethtrade partners and management meeting in Chinese office.

Everybody is welcome to visit us!

23rd of October, 2016
Time:9:30 AM

Address: Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, Baoan District China, Liu Xian Xin Dong two road business center five building 511 room

Please register before.
Hui King

wechat: guoyunqing6666
phone: +8613825225585





地址: 广东省深圳市宝安区留仙二路新东兴商务中心511室


Hui King
Tell friends:

Italian version of Ethtrade.org

Italian version of Ethtrade.org
We have repeatedly voiced our position about translation of the platform website to available languages. Our experts closely monitor the traffic in determining the priority of translation and growing the popularity of our company in a given country. Today we are glad to present Italian version of Ethtrade.org, which is already accessible for our users. We want to remind that we are in a constant process of development and look forward to your suggestions and possible help by adding your native language.
Tell friends:

Personal landing pages

Personal landing pages
For more efficient searching for partners on the Internet, we have developed personal landing pages. In the personal account (section "Partners") each client can see two personal landing pages, which differ in design and work for different categories of potential customers. Personal landing page is connected to your account with a partnership link, and when clicking on it customers will be immediately recorded in your first line on Ethtrade website.
All you have to do is to direct the cold traffic from the Internet to your Personal landing page, due to which the conversion of attracting partners to your team can grow significantly. Landing page is meant to transfer motivating information about the company, its advantages and benefits in a compressed form. Your partners do not have to spend much time learning all the nuances of investing with Ethtrade, as you do not need to describe in detail the processes of cooperation and earnings. Using the Landing will productively help in finding and attracting new users of the platform and will greatly increase your earnings on the partnership program.
Nowadays, Landing pages are available in English only, but we are already dealing with translations into all languages ​​represented at ethtrade.org website.
It is also worth noting that each Personal landing page contains a funnel to collect potential customers: their contacts after the subscription will be sent to your email, then you can contact them for detailed advice and information about all possibilities of Ethtrade Ltd.
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Here is the winners of the contest on instagram!

Winners of the contest
Here is the winners of the contest on instagram!

They are:
1) iPad Air2 + T-shirt (evfrizen)
2) $100 + T-shirt (eedris002)
3) $50 + T-shirt (priztyrita)
4) T-shirt (yudhilio_nike)
5) T-shirt (rina_anastasia1)

Provide us with your name, address and size in the private message and we will send you, your gifts! The winners (watch video)

In addition, we have selected 3 photos, we liked the most and will transfer $50 to each winner!!!
They are:
1) $50 (hanindhitaku)
2) $50 (faraicelebr8)
3) $50 (pareed_soeparno)

Provide us with your login for the transfer of bonus. Congrats to the winners! You did great!

Be active on social media! Follow our communities on social media and get updated with the latest news, some of which dont go on website!
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Turkish language was added on the platform

Ethtrade website speaks in Turkish!
Turkish language, which is a peculiar bridge between Europe and the Middle East, finally became available on our website. Today, more than 77 million native speakers around the world can fully receive information on Ethtrade platform in their mother tongue. We continue to work on expanding the site functional, and above all to solve the problem on the development of communication between the company and its users.
Tell friends:

Ethtrade full branding

Ethtrade full branding
Today we are ready to update you with our great and useful news!
We have created the branded style for productive offline cooperation. Now you can create the common style in Ethtrade brand for offices, have meetings and conferences by using the entire set of attributes of the company:

personal cards,
presentation leaflets,
advertising banners,
promo videos,
presentation posters for webinars, etc!

Hope you like it. Print and use them!

Become a member of our Facebook group, where we write interesting posts, which are not available on the webpage. Sincerely, Jey.
Tell friends:

BIG event at Philippines!

BIG event at Philippines!
Dear Ethtrade community!

We are happy to present you the Conference, which takes place at this Wednesday at 3:00 PM Philippine Time, October 5th, 2016
Place:Belvedere Clubhouse 1-2 Paradahan 1 Tanza Cavite. Welcome everybody!
Please come and bring your friends with to find more about crypto currency and Ethtrade and new possibilities!
With lots of surprises and presents!
Come and join the future!
Our representative contact details:

Euclids Sekino

Noimee P. Reyes

Nero Bautista

Venue on google map.
Tell friends:

Ethtrade website speaks in Russian!

Ethtrade website speaks in Russian!
One of the first languages, translation of which is claimed by users, was Russian. A year since our productive activity, we finally have came to the market of Russian-speaking users. More than 250 million speakers in dozens of countries can obtain information about the company and its benefits in full in their native language.
Besides, because of your numerous requests, we have added Russian-language support on the website: now you can contact our operators in live chat in your native language as well as send us requests via ticket system in your account, email or Telegram - use any convenient communication channel.
Tell friends:

Contest goes on! Ethtrade is giving away iPad Air2

Contest goes on!
Take a photo and win iPad Air2 & T-shits!
People around the World already join contest.

Hurry up ! Promotion only till September 30th.
More at Instagram
Join the future today with Ethtrade! GOOD LUCK!
Tell friends:

ETHEX official exchange service

ETHEX official exchange service
Dear members of Ethtrade investment club!

Today we will please you with another useful update and announce the launch of Ethex official exchange service!
Our independent, anonymous and favorable currency exchange point extends the possibility to replenish USD balance of your Ethtrade account with the most common payment systems WITH NO COMMISSION. Note such exchange without commission does not apply to other directions inside exchanger. Besides, the most important ETHEX advantage resides in low commissions when exchanging the popular payment systems, such as:
Perfect Money
and others as customers demand increases.

Official website of exchange service is available

Ethex official currency exchanger is not only reliable and fast exchange, but now it's the easiest way to send USD to Ethtrade platform and most importantly, to do this WITHOUT COMMISSION!
Tell friends:

#Ethtrade is giving away iPad Air2

Ethtrade is giving away iPad Air2
Take a photo of yourself with Ethtrade logo, as shown on the photo
Post it on your Instagram page
Tag #ethtrade @ethtradeofficial & Tag your 3-5 friends in comments

All Details at Instagram

Everybody can join contest!

1. iPad Air2 + T-shirt;
2. $100 + T-shirt;
3. $50 + T-shirt;
4. T-shirt;
5. T-shirt;

The winners will be chosen randomly on 1st of October 2016 and the selection process will be recorded and available to everyone.

Join the future today with Ethtrade! GOOD LUCK!
Tell friends:

Added possibility to create USD portfolios

Adding of AdvCash.com
Dear members of Ethtrade investment club!

Many clients come to our customer support service with a question of how to invest USD in portfolios and how not to depend on the volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum price, because the dollar exchange rate is more stable. Today we fulfill this wish of customers and are pleased to report that our platform is beginning to accept USD (US dollars). This is possible through one of the most popular and reliable payment systems - AdvCash
Certainly, many of you are asking to add such payment systems as SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Payeer, Payza, OkPay and others, but our traders work with only cryptocurrency and the transfer of USD to major exchanges often takes a lot of time and not is always profitable owing to the large commissions. We've chose AdvCash, because there converting funds into Bitcoin happens without commission (0%). Running a little ahead, we want to also announce the launch of official exchange service in the near future, there you can exchange currency in many directions, as well as replenish your Ethtarde account with USD WITHOUT COMMISSION.

Meantime, we'll tell you about this system and why we have stopped on AdvCash:
- Withdrawal of Bitcoin WITH NO COMMISSION;
- The possibility of internal exchanges of the most common payment systems such as OkPay, Paxum, Sepa, eCoin, EXMO code, Payeer, Perfect Money, etc;
- Direct withdrawal to any card VISA and MASTERCARD;
- The possibility to obtain own debit cards of AdvCash system anywhere in the world for the withdrawal of funds and more.

Details about fees for deposits and withdrawal can be found on the website in the section
Making portfolios and withdrawal of funds become more comfortable and varied!
Register AdvCash wallet here.

Become a member of our pages, where we write interesting posts, which are not available on our the website
Sincerely, Jey
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Bases of cryptocurrency trade in Education section

Bases of trade in Education section
For novice traders, investors and all cryptocurrency funs on our website was added a new section - "Education".
This area provides educational materials that will help you not only to master the theoretical aspects of work on cryptocurrency exchanges, but also make the first steps on exchange trading with basic coins. Our traders will share their experiences, which will help you to confidently enter into the rich world of cryptocurrency.
We also remind you that Ethtrade has special conditions of cooperation for experienced cryptocurrency traders. More information about this can be found "here".
Tell friends:

Updated annual report 2015/16 is available for review

Updated annual trade report 2015/16
I'm pleased to welcome the company's clients!
My name is Michael Frendowski, and I'm the head of Ethtrade trade department. Another autumn trading session was started, and we are finally ready to take stock of trade this summer. From May to August 2016 our traders brought 177.5% net profit, of which 80.36% were assessed to investors. The remainder part was distributed as compensation for the company's management and traders, as well as for partnership bonuses, marketing activities and other current expenditure. The volume of BTC trade over the past 4 months, taking into account ETH + Altcoins, was 2242 BTC. The volume of BTC, taking into account only ETH amounted to 1927 BTC.
To become familiar with detailed data of trading weeks, visit "Statistics" section.
Ethtrade company expresses its gratitude for your cooperation, we hope to continue to delight you with sustainable results and excellent profit in the future.
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Meet ethtrade.org in Portuguese!

Meet ethtrade.org in Portuguese!
Welcome, Ethtrade clients! Today we've added another language version of the website. This time we have translated the platform into Portuguese, the language which is considered the official in ten countries and unites more than 200 million native speakers around the world. We believe that this is a major step towards to our clients, as well as in the development of geography of our business. Stay tuned, soon expected new languages online!
Tell friends:

The Czech version of the website is now available!

The Czech version of the website
Continuing to listen to your suggestions for improving interface of the platform, we completed the process of translating the website to another European language, this time Czech.
We hope that speakers of this language will perceive a positive change, and note that we have become even closer. Do you want to see Ethtrade.org in your native language or you have the opportunity to help with the translation? We look forward to receiving your request and will certainly respond to it!
Tell friends:

Let’s greet the winners of the promotion!

Let’s greet the winners of the promotion!
Let’s greet the winners of the promotion!
The one who made an effort - is the one who won!
We congratulate everyone who tried and took a part!

1 $500 + T-shirt Euclids Liwan Sekino 310/345

2 $300 + T-shirt Nero Aratan Bautista 277/ 282

3 $200 + T-shirt Chua Kim Leong 98/15

4 T-shirt Stephan Zeigt 7/10
5 T-shirt Stanley Walker 1/5
6 T-shirt Luis RC 0/6
7 T-shirt Hui King 0/1

All presentations you can check here.
New contest coming soon!

Follow the news at our Facebook page.
Tell friends:

Great news for the Slovaks!

Great news for the Slovaks!
As you know, the website of our platform is multilingual, and not only because we follow the statistics of visits from different countries to make a decision about adding new languages, but also because we listen to your advices and suggestions. Recently we've received a request about translation of website into Slovak, this language is quite common among Slavic Europe. Moreover, one of our clients have decided to help us with translation of web content. As always, we were happy to comply this - today Slovak language has been added to ethtrade.org.
Next in line are other popular world languages such as Czech, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, stay tuned and share your wishes!
Tell friends:

Promo video for Ethtrade presentation

Promo video for Ethtrade presentation
Dear members of Ethtrade investing club!

We are glad to present new promo videos and video presentations for you.
Watch, share, leave feedback, like and subscribe to our channel, to be the first to get our updates!
More interesting videos are coming!

White Promo

Promo Presentation

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Sincerely, Jey.
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Eric Bondy answers to frequently asked questions!

The first anniversary is coming!
Dear members of Ethtrade investment club!

As we planned, to the company anniversary was prepared "open table" in a format of answers to your questions, which you have sent in the preceding 3 weeks via our email and through social media.
We have chosen the most important questions, and were trying to answer them deployed.
So read and don't forget to "Like" and "Share" it!

Eric Bondy answers to frequently asked questions!

Become a member of our Facebook group, where we write interesting posts, which are not available on the webpage facebook.com
Sincerely, Jey.
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Adding a phone number in profile

Adding a phone number in profile
Dear Ethtrade customers!

We are pleased to welcome you! Especially for your convenience and maximum protection of your accounts, we offer an update that allows you to add a phone number in your account settings. Complete a simple verification and select the checkbox (for more details about this can be read here).
By activating a new function, you will start receiving notifications on your phone about processing withdrawal requests, and certainly will be informed of all new Ethtrade developments.
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Webinar schedule for the week

Webinar schedule for the week
Dear members of Ethtrade Club!

We announce a session of international online meetings. During which we make a drawing among all webinar visitors, who will be able to receive Ethtrade branded T-shirts!
You are welcome to join! Also do not forget to invite all your partners and new members to visit our webinar sessions!

The schedule for the webinars is next:
Monday, 15.08.2016 Luis, our speaker from Colombia, Spanish language, time (GMT-5) / 8:00 am (GMT+8)

Tuesday, 16.08.2016 Stanley Walker, our speaker from USA, English language, time 7pm CST.

Wednesday, 17.08.2016 Hui King, our speaker from China, Chinese language, time 19:00 Beijing.

Saturday, 20.08.2016 NerZ Bautista, our speaker from Philippine, time 8:00 PM (GMT+8).

To join the webinar, please follow this link: WEBINAR
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Partnership Agreement 2.0

Partnership Agreement 2.0
We welcome partners of Ethtrade platform!
Our company continues its rapid growth and is developing the affiliate program, in which frameworks we launch a network of regional Ethtrade clubs. For our agents we have updated a partnership agreement, which will allow you to officially open a representative office in your city without any legal permits or licenses.
To read the latest edition of partnership agreement please apply here.
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Promotion for $1000 and T-shirts

Promotion for $1000 and T-shirts
Authors of the most promotional video with the biggest amount of “Share” will receive $1000 and Ethtrade T-shirt.

Record a video* about Ethtrade platform in your native language (min. 5min), by using this presentation and make sure you show your face in the video.
Post the video on your Facebook page and tag it with the following hashtags: #Ethtrade #Ethereum #Bitcoin
Get your video shared as many times as possible

Winners will be selected among those, who got the biggest amount of likes to their video and who’s video was shared the most, and will get the gift according to the place they take:

1 $500 + T-shirt
2 $300 + T-shirt
3 $200 + T-shirt
4 T-shirt
5 T-shirt
6 T-shirt
7 T-shirt
8 T-shirt
9 T-shirt
10 T-shirt

Promote your post to get likes and make sure the video is also shared!

The deadline for the contest is the 27th of August.
The winners will be decided within three days after the deadline.

ATTENTION! In order to participate in the contest, post the link to your video on your Facebook page below this post, also upload the video on youtube and on Ethtrade website, following this link.

*videos with automatically generated “like” and “share” will not be considered

Good luck!
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The launching of representative offices - Ethtrade Club

The launching of Ethtrade Club
Good afternoon!
We continue to be engaged in a smooth development of the company and today want to announce the start of working the program of launch advisory offices called Ethtrade Clubs, that our representatives can open in their regions. Please note that we're ready to provide financial support to start-up and subsequent operation of the club - detailed information about Ethtrade club you can be found here.
We also want to remind you that for your convenience we have prepared the company presentation, which helps to effectively convey information about Ethtrade and advantages of cooperation with it.
If you have any questions whatsoever, you can always contact our customer support.
Best regards to you,
Eric Bondi, CEO
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The new PDF presentation for webinars & offline meetings.

The new PDF presentation for webinars
Dear participants of the platform and the Ethtrade entire community.
Today we have created the PDF and PPT presentation of the company for webinars, offline meetings at conferences, in the offices or any other way of promotion and presentation of the company.
Have a smooth and light development!
Good luck!
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We are pleased to present you the long-awaited service for the exchange of Bitcoin to Ethereum...

Launch of Ethtrade exchange service
We welcome all Ethtrade customers and partners!

We are pleased to present you the long-awaited service for the exchange of Bitcoin to Ethereum and in the opposite direction!
We received a lot of queries to customer service with a request to simplify the buying process ETH for BTC. We have implemented this possibility, and today our exchange service is already running in direction BTC/ETH and ETH/BTC. After successful testing, we will expand the functionality by adding the basic payment systems. We welcome your suggestions, which payment method you would like to see in our exchange service.
Currently exchange is only available at ethtrade.org site, however, after the completion of testing official exchanger will be located at ethex.co
Exchange terms can be found here. We want to draw your attention that this service is more favorable for those who are registered on ethtrade.org.
From now on, buying and selling of Ethereum have become more accessible - we wish you great profits!

All best wishes, Ethtrade team.
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It's less than a month before the date when Ethtrade team will celebrate the first anniversary...

The first anniversary is coming!
Dear clients and partners! It's less than a month before the date when Ethtrade team will celebrate the first anniversary of successful trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and the work on the popularization of Ethereum platform and will also celebrate four months since launch ethtrade.org.
On the eve of this small, but very significant event for us, we have decided to hold an "open table" and record a video presentation in a question and answer format with detailed description of Ethtrade Ltd. activities and its achievements during the work and tell about our plans for the future.
You can ask your questions in our Facebook group (preparation for an "open table" is under a post with news), send us email via support@ethtrade.org or create a ticket in your account - we will answer your questions and take into account your suggestions for improvement the work of platform when preparing video report from the official media representative of Eric Bondy.
We wish you a successful working week ahead!
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Each time when adding a new language version of the website of Ethtrade company

German web version is already added
Each time when adding a new language version of the website of Ethtrade company, we're asking you to contact us and offer what language would you like to see on our platform. Thus, we have received many inquiries from German-speaking users, and of course we satisfied their requests. The new version is ready and can be used by clients who speak German. In turn we remind you that the company's management and administration of the platform are open to everyone, so send us your suggestions how to improve our site and make our cooperation even more clear and available for all.
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One of the most prominent next-generation blockchain platforms

Understanding Ethereum
One of the most prominent next-generation blockchain platforms, Ethereum has energized a global development community and reimagined how decentralized technology can be applied to new digital challenges. This report features an overview of its expanding community and evolving open-source technology.
Download report here.
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Spanish is the third largest world language by number of speakers.

Ethtrade website starts talking Spanish
Spanish is the third largest world language by number of speakers. Today we are incredibly pleased to present the next translation of our platform, this time in Spanish. We sincerely hope that the expansion of the language functionality will help our customers to get more detailed information on the company website and that this will facilitate their work with Ethtrade platform. We will consider all your wishes when choosing the next directions of translation. Just contact us and let us know what language you'd like to see next.
Thank you for choosing Ethtrade platform.
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I'm happy to greet all customers and partners of Ethtrade...

Registration documents
I'm happy to greet all customers and partners of Ethtrade.
My name is ERIC BONDI and today I'll tell you about our future plans for the advancement of our platform. Currently, we receive many inquiries about the opening of the company representative offices in different parts of the world, where people could come and learn in details how our service asset management works. Many people want that in their country was a place where they could share results and achievements, as well as organize meetings with new partners and teach them effectively. In this regard, it was decided to start preparing for a new stage of Ethtrade development. For this purpose we have registered the company ETHTRADE LIMITED in Hong Kong, this will allow us not only to develop online but also to completely legal open up new representative offices in various regions, despite the fact that our work is related to online trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.
The process of ETHTRADE LIMITED registration is already goes (our registry number is: 2398217). Conditions and budget of opening representative offices are at the stage of approval and in the near future they will be also published on our website. However, you can already begin to apply for the opening of counseling offices in your country:

- To do this, your status must not be lower than METROPOLIS
- You should be registered user for at least one month
- And turnover of your structure should be at least $30,000
Your application should be sent via email: support@ethtrade.org (with subject "Opening of representative office").

After the company registration we'll also publish an agency agreement for all leaders, on the basis of which all our future offices will work and which will have full legal force, allowing you to carry out consulting activities in the work of our platforms legally.
Thank you for your attention, follow our updates! I wish you a successful week!
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What is Two-Factor Authentication and why do I need it?

Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA or 2-Step Verification) is a technology that provides identification of users through the combination of two different components. With Two-Factor Authentication on Ethtrade you can protect your account with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone). Find out more here.
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Many of them have thoroughly studied how to work with our platform and are ready to share

Bonus for video review
Hello! It's JEY SHIN with healthy portion of great news!
Our customer support receives a large number of requests to tell how our asset management service works. Because sometimes we just physically can't handle so many queries at once, and also taking into account the fact that they all come from different countries, we decided to provide our customers with the ability to record own videos, to tell about the company and get a bonus for this. Many of them have thoroughly studied how to work with our platform and are ready to share their experience of cooperation with Ethtrade.
The terms of this promotion program is extremely simple. Any of our clients registered on the website can participate this, regardless of whether he has an active portfolio. It is only important that your video review had duration of not less than 3 (three) minutes. Besides, to participate in this promotion program you should have active portfolio, your own affiliate structure or be registered on the website for at least one month ago. Each user can record only one video and get a bonus for it.

As for bonuses, they will be quite pleasant and only depend on the quality of your video.

Option 1. On your video review is only shown your monitor where our website is open. In this case bonus will be credited to your account balance in the amount from $30 to $50 (depending on the length of the video, its quality and personal assessment of our employees).
Option 2. Your video shows not only your monitor with opened website, but also your face. Bonus will be credited to your balance in the amount from $50 to $70 (depending on the length of the video, its quality and personal assessment of our employees).

After recording a video review you have to download it to your personal Youtube channel, add a link into section and contact our technical support to let us know your login.
Promotion program is limited in time, commencing on June 27 and concluding on July 27.

Best regards! JEY SHIN, Business development manager.
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The Vietnamese version of the website is already online!

Meet the Vietnam version of Ethtrade
The Vietnamese version of the website is already online! We continue to develop our international activities and make every effort for understanding the terms of cooperation by our investors and partners from different countries. Currently, we are focused on the Asian market and expanding the language functionality of our site. Today we are proud to introduce the Vietnamese version. If you have any suggestions for the website translation, we would be thankful you for contacting us and will respond to your query.
Thank you for choosing Ethtrade platform.
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My name is JEY SHIN, and today I would like to share excellent news. PR department adds...

Additional bonuses
I welcome all company customers and partners. My name is JEY SHIN, and today I would like to share excellent news. PR department adds another form of bonuses on number of active partners attracted by you.

HOMESTEAD 100+ To receive this bonus you have to invite from 100 active partners in the lines from 1 to 3. Bonus: branded Ethtarde t-shirt and a check for $100.

METROPOLIS 500+ To receive this bonus you have to invite from 500 active partners in the lines from 1 to 5. Bonus: iPhone 6S or a check for $650.

SERENITY 1000+ To receive this bonus you have to invite from 1,000 active partners in the lines from 1 to 5. Bonus: MacBook Air or a check for $1,000.

This becomes even more profitably to develop own structure!
I also want to remind all comers about proposal of opening a representative office in their regions or conducting weekly webinars for novice investors. Detailed information can be found here:
Send us your CV, and we will get in touch with you!

Wish to all a great weekend ahead! See you!
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Ethtrade super profits due to Ethereum rate leaps last week!

Ethtrade super profits
The past week has been quite significant and profitable for Ethtrade thanks to professional company traders. This is what happened: Bitcoin continues to grow, and following this ETH also adds to capitalization, its price this week reached $21.
However, in connection with Friday's situation - unexpected news about DAO company and their severe vulnerability of contract code, - market has immediately swayed and influenced on ETH rate which fell almost 2-fold. We responded quickly to the news and quickly opened short orders for buying ETH in the range of 0.0180-0.0220. Such strategy proved to be quite effective and we were able to get an excellent profit - congratulations to all! Our team closely monitors all activities of Vitalik Buterin and Daohub, because now ETH direction only depends of them. At the moment, Ethereum trend is not completely clear and still dynamic, therefore we are focused on short orders, and along with this we have decided to pay more attention to trade other cryptocurrencies. Under our close supervision now are DASH, MAID, XMR, FCT, DGB, RADS, EXP, XCP.

Best regards! MICHAEL FRENDOWSKI Head of Trading Department.
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We welcome all Ethtrade investors and partners. Our team is not standing still and constantly...

New status CO-FOUNDER
We welcome all Ethtrade investors and partners. Our team is not standing still and constantly looking for growth opportunities, which will help to make the trust management service even better. Despite the fact that the company has entered the market not so long ago, we record a significant increase in the number of investors and network of partners has developed worldwide. In this regard, we have decided to revise certain terms of the affiliate program in the direction of increasing your capabilities and add new status - CO-FOUNDER, as well as to formulate detailed requirements for SERENITY status.
Terms for upgrading to other statuses have been also slightly altered to make our affiliate program more balanced.
For SERENITY status you need to increase turnover of your affiliate structure up to $100,000 or have personal investment portfolio of at least $10,000.

The most interesting is becoming a new status - CO-FOUNDER - which can increase not only your weekly limits for investment and withdrawals up to $7,000 and $3,000 respectively, but also makes even more attractive bonus from deposits of people invited by you:
First line - 10%
Second line - 7%
Third line - 5%
Fourth line - 3%
Fifth line - 3%
Read more about bonuses from profits of your partners here.

To upgrade your status up to CO-FOUNDER you must have financial turnover of structure of at least $500,000 or your own investment portfolio in the amount of $30,000.
If you have any suggestions for improving the affiliate program we will be glad to hear them from you. Remember that your opinion is very important to us, and our customer service team is always open to dialogue.

Respectfully yours, Ethtrade CEO Eric Bondy
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Currently, we're receiving a lot of offers from promoters and networkers about increasing...

Top up status for promoters & leaders
Currently, we're receiving a lot of offers from promoters and networkers about increasing rewards of the affiliate program and upgrading of status. Certainly we understand that there are serious network leaders and promoters, so in our turn we have developed following program of upgrading status up to METROPOLIS. Your status will be upgraded to METROPOLIS on test period of 7 days*

During this time you will need to perform a "LEADER qualification":
invite 5 active partners of the 1st line and at least 10 active partners of the 2nd line & increase the total attracted investments of your structure up to $1,000 and more. For maximum promotion efficiency we provide you with promotional materials in different languages.
Tutorials will help you to make the first few steps in boundless Ethereum World.
Promotional materials are increasing the number of partners in your team.

* If within the next 7 days LEADER qualification is not confirmed, your status is automatically downgraded to the standard FRONTIER.

Best regards! Jey Shin, Ethtrade Team
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Vitalik Buterin Sets Milestones On Ethereum’s Route to Be The ‘World Computer’

Milestones On Ethereum’s Route
Vitalik Buterin has set the next Ethereum’s milestones for 2017 and 2018. According to his paper ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Private and Consortium Blockchains’, Ethereum 3.0 with ‘unlimited’ scalability will be released in late 2018.

Ethereum’s success brought smart contracts in focus
The Ethereum platform has generated much furore of late particularly after the crowdfunding of The DAO - or the Decentralized Autonomous Organization - and the subsequent spike in the price of the currency of the platform, Ether, from less than a dollar to $15 in six months.
A sane level of clarity has also been achieved on the differences between Ethereum and the Bitcoin platform. This understanding, though still sinking, has enabled the two leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world to maintain their operating focus in specialized areas of interest. It also provided enthusiasts a clear view to make the best investment choices.
Ethereum has been appreciated more for the popularity it has brought to smart contracts whose programming it’s made a basic tenet of Blockchain's power.

Future Ethereum’s milestones
However, despite the rave, the comparison with Bitcoin and the great expectation of the optimistic ETH ecosystem, the Ethereum projects’ currently expected future milestones are still set for between 2017 and 2018, according to Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum, in his paper ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Private and Consortium Blockchains released by the R3 Consortium.’

- Metropolis: release of the Mist browser, expected summer/fall 2016
- Serenity (‘Ethereum 1.5’): release of the proof of stake (Casper) version of the Blockchain, also including Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) 101 and 105. Expected early 2017.
- WebAssembly release (‘Ethereum 1.75’): faster virtual machine. Expected 2017.
- Ethereum 2.0 (yet unnamed): initial scalability release. Expected late 2017.
- Ethereum 3.0 (yet unnamed): ‘unlimited’ scalability release. Expected late 2018.

If these milestones are anything to go by, then nothing has yet happened in the ETH ecosystem.

From smartphone of blockchains to the world computer
As Buterin says, Ethereum’s vision is to be ‘the world computer,’ a platform where public economic consensus meets the abstraction power of a stateful Turing-complete virtual machine. It aims to be a platform which enables developers create applications easily benefiting from the decentralization and security properties of Blockchains without the need to create a new Blockchain for each new application. This is unlike previous protocols which are viewed as single function tools, like pocket calculators.

He writes:

“…Ethereum is the smartphone of Blockchains: a universal platform where, whatever you want to build, you can just build it as an ‘app’ and Ethereum users will be able to benefit from it immediately without downloading any new special software.”

All Blockchains have a notion of a history and a notion of a state transition rule, he explains, either which must produce positive answers for any transaction to be considered valid and included in a block. But in Ethereum, the design is somewhat more complicated as the state can be described as the set of all accounts, where each account is either an externally owned account (EOA) or a contract.

Contracts codes stored
As an EOA, the state simply stores the account's balance in ether and a sequence number is used to prevent transaction replay attacks. On the other hand, it stores the contract's code and its storage in a key-value database.
“In simple terms, rather than enforcing one specific set of rules targeted toward one particular application, Ethereum allows users to write programs specifying whichever rules they want, upload the programs to the Blockchain, and the Blockchain will interpret the rules for them,” he writes.
This could possibly explain why the contract mechanism has been used on the public Ethereum Blockchain. It has been used in many ways, including as databases, to keep track of issuer-backed assets, as ‘smart contracts’ such as financial contracts, escrow and multi-party protocols such as auctions, and as ‘software libraries.’ This allows code to be written and published to the Blockchain once and then used by anyone else.

Questions for Buterin
He stated: "The basic technical advantages of Blockchains, including reliability, security, auditability and decentralization, are now well understood, but what is less understood is the specific areas where these advantages shine…”
How and when would the aspect be understood? And what is likely to change when the understanding has been established?
He also stated that “... a massively replicated Turing-complete state machine, to which anyone in the world with the ability to buy 0.3 cents worth of ether can upload code which every participant in the network will be forced to run on their local machine…”
This sounds like a platform that is envisaged to accommodate hundreds of millions of users. As such, it prompts the question if there would be a likelihood of increasing the user access fee in the future to stem the level of security concerns that may arise. Why?

While we wait
Meanwhile, while waiting to see new features unveiled, it is expedient to focus on related issues and their attendant impact on the Ethereum project.
With about $168 million poured into its formation by 10,000 investors, the success of The DAO is still being monitored as a test case.
However, with suggestions of it being a mess, what becomes of The DAO will likely reflect on Ethereum just as its ICO had about two months ago unless DAO investors - as well as the ETH ecosystem - realise that Rome was not built in a day.
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We constantly analyze incoming traffic to the website and try to anticipate your needs...

Meet the Chinese version of Ethtrade
We constantly analyze incoming traffic to the website and try to anticipate your needs, make our site more intuitive and comfortable for use. Due to popular demand and incredible number of clients from China, we have decided to add a Chinese version of our platform. Now it's already available for using.
We hasten to assure you that this language is not the last which appeared on our website. Due to the international expansion of our business and rapid growth of customers from different countries, we will be adding new language versions as far as possible.
Thank you for choosing Ethtrade platform!
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Like Ethereum platform Ethtrade company is constantly growing and evolving...

Application to become a trader
Like Ethereum platform Ethtrade company is constantly growing and evolving. We would like to remind you about open vacancy for the position of trader and we are ready to consider your candidacy, if you have a successful trading experience on cryptocurrecy exchanges. We would be glad to see in our team real professionals, whose theoretical knowledge and practical experience will help to build trade capacity and growth of profits for our clients.
We're waiting for your CV and a short video with history of your trading in the past few months. If during probation period you show your best side you will become a managing trader with income up to 40% of profit of your trading transactions. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable funds management experience and become part of ethrtrade.org! Go to new challenges!
To submit an application to become a trader go in the For partners section.
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Ethtrade team prepare list of tutorials about first steps on Ethereum & Ethtrade...

Ethtrade tutorials
Ethtrade team prepare list of tutorials about first steps on Ethereum & Ethtrade. Now it is easier than ever to start with our platform & increase your profit.
Using our tutorials you learn:
- How to sign up Ethereum wallet
- How to open portfolio with Ethereum
- How to sign up at Ethtrade
- How to open portfolio with Bitcoin & more...
Give attention to it and follow the instructions, share it with newbies & get the best results.
Good luck!
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Here is it ! Great moment in the History!

Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin!
Here is it ! Great moment in the History!
Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin on full node count!
Bitcoin = 6428 nodes / Ethereum = 6444 nodes
We are at the right place now!
Learn more Ethernodes
Learn more Bitnodes
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Today we are glad to inform that Ethtrade platform is becoming multilingual day by day...

Bahasa Indonesia added
Today we are glad to inform that Ethtrade platform is becoming multilingual day by day.
We discover and analyze language trends every day. Research during last year gave to Ethtrade interesting conclusion: we have big audience from Indonesia. Now we would like to share this joy with you. From today you can choose Indonesian language on our website and continue trading.
Ethtrade is growing up very quickly. It is good opportunity for you to write a letter for our support team if you want to communicate with your native language & translate web site to you audience.
Enjoy trading with Ethtrade!
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Another trading week came to a close and it's time to announce results...

Weekly financial report
Welcome, investors and partners the company!
Another trading week came to a close and it's time to announce results of trade during this period. For the days of May 3 to May 6 company traders have managed to earn 4.6 % net income for investors.
Weekly financial report 03.05.2016 - 06.05.2016
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Today we are glad to inform all our users that we made one more...

Promo materials for all!
Today we are glad to inform all our users that we made one more step to our main aim. Now everyone who is working with Ethtrade can receive additional points very easy. Our team created for you promo materials and banners that would be very useful when you would like to increase your trading rate on our platform or just share your experience explaining what is Ethtrade & get affiliate commission. It is big honor for us to understand that big Ethtrade family is growing up day by day. Every day of that little miracle we thank to all users of the system. Building your business today – you create more possibilities to have strong and long partnership tomorrow.
Promo materials
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Today we officially announce the launch of our automated online platform...

Official launch of the Ethtrade platform
Today we officially announce the launch of our automated online platform. We thank all those who have participated before in the testing of website functionality and helped us to find content mistakes, technical bugs and faults. Of course, you can still find some of them and we will always welcome your reports about them. Depending on the severity of a bug on the website, we are also willing to reward you financially. Therefore, be extremely attentive! As we promised earlier, Ethtrade company offers a profitable investment for the asset management service. After the appearance of Ethereum, we are actively involved in its promotion and developing new trading instruments based on it. The constant increase in the trading deposit through investment helps to conduct lucrative trade on the cryptocurrency exchanges and bring stable income to our customers. Today, anyone who wishes can register on our website to earn money. A minimum investment portfolio you can create is only $10. Currently, you can invest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, but we plan to connect the rest of the most commonly used payment systems. The first one will be Ethereum, the opportunity to invest this currency will soon appear. In addition, you can make money even without any investment through a special affiliate program. Attraction of new investors is the best options to check how the platform works and of course, how it pays.
Follow our communities & get all updates & news: Facebook Twitter Youtube
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Today, we start testing period of our online system which in the future will be an automated platform...

Web site passes the test period
Today, we start testing period of our online system which in the future will be an automated platform for investment available to all comers. If you use our website for the first time, please pay attention to the operation of all functions of the registration, creating portfolio and withdrawal process. We don't exclude the possibility that you will find some mistakes or run into problems when using website. Our technicians are doing their best to reduce their numbers but because of the many functions, such testing takes time. That is why we would appreciate if you contact us in any convenient way for you to report bugs. Undoubtedly, this will help to make our platform more friendly and stable. We sincerely apologize for any form of inconveniency encountered. A full platform will launch in the next few days.

Follow our communities & get all updates & news: Facebook Twitter Youtube
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We have great news for our partners, who help us to promote the Ethereum platform as well as our...

Landing pages for partners
We have great news for our partners, who help us to promote the Ethereum platform as well as our asset management service. We have developed and added new site features—personal lending pages. For those who still don't know what it is, we will help to understand. Landing page is a one-page website that tells about the possibility of earning with Ethtrade company and contains your unique affiliate link. Now you don't need a long time to explain to others how it works, it is enough to send your landing page. After reading the information, a person you want to invite to you team should only use registration function on your landing page. We are confident that this will be a handy tool for the dissemination of information on Ethtrade and attract new partners. Learn more about how it works and find personal landing page you can in your account. Don't hesitate to contact our customer support service for additional information and answers to your questions.
Follow our communities & get all updates & news: Facebook Twitter Youtube
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Ethereum forecast what to expect from the market

Ethereum - all news about new cryptocurrency

Appearing only 3 years ago, Ethereum quickly gained popularity among the financiers.

News about cryptocurrency, which not only serves as transactional tool but also brings practical value and implements fundamentally new algorithms, were instantly spread on the Internet.

Ethereum advantages

Ethereum has started to work like fully cryptocurrency in 2015 when last coins were sold. The total amount of initial capitalization is 15 million dollars, now the market capitalization of the project is estimated at $1.5 billion. What are the reasons for such popularity? There are several:

- Ethereum can be used for practical purposes for binding "smart transactions", ie, coins have value in themselves;

- possibility of mono-mining without buying expensive hardware;

- practicality and versatility of source code;

- safety and more secure encryption;

- availability;

- cheapness ;

- extensibility and scalability;

- transparency and freedom in capital management.

All these advantages have led to the fact that the course of ethereum rose from $0.2 to $14.8 (peak value).

The latest news about Ethereum

From time to time on the Internet there is news about cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. Thus, among the recent news:

- Sberbank has implemented blockchain technology based on Ethereum for automatic "closing deals";

- The Bank of Canada is testing the possibility of "smart transactions";

- in the State Duma of Russia was held a conference on cryptocurrency.

Reports about break-ins Ethereum by hackers which are periodically appeared were not confirmed.

Positive news has a good effect on ethereum rate, and it starts to grow.

Professional traders know how to use positive and negative news for profit due to exchange rate differences. We offer you asset management services. We are watching the situation and keep our finger on the pulse of events, that's why we are profitably trading and making money on the news.